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Quaintrelle Rewards Program

Quaintrelle Rewards Program

Hello, Gorgeous!👋💕

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Quaintrelle Rewards Program. We've added lots of exciting and exclusive rewards to say thank you to our amazing customers, like you!

We are continuously discovering new ways to serve you better, having rolled out the Quaintrelle Rewards program will enable us to reward our loyal customers with great values.

How to join our Quaintrelle Rewards Program?

It's pretty simple to join this program, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click "Rewards" icon on our page, it's located on the right-hand corner of every page, you won't miss it

Quaintrelle Rewards

Step 2: Click "Join now" button to enroll in our loyalty program

 Step 3: Fill in your details to complete the signup.

How to collect Quaintrelle Stars✨(our unique reward points)?

Once you sign up, you'll start to earn Quaintrelle Stars✨(which is our unique reward points) for the following activities: 

 Signup, you'll get 150 Quaintrelle Stars

 Like on Facebook, you'll get 100 Quaintrelle Stars
 Follow on Instagram, you'll get 100 Quaintrelle Stars
 Place an order, you'll get 5 Quaintrelle Stars✨ for every $1 spent
 Celebrate a birthday, you'll get 500 Quaintrelle Stars

How to get rewards? 

 $5 off discount - 500 Quaintrelle Stars✨
 $10 off discount - 1,000 Quaintrelle Stars✨
 $15 off discount - 1,500 Quaintrelle Stars✨
 $20 off discount - 2,000 Quaintrelle Stars✨
 Free Beautiful Rhinestone Leather Wide Cuff (Champagne Color) - 2500 Quaintrelle Stars✨